An Anansi Reader — August 2009

Teri Vlassopoulos

Meet Teri Vlassopoulos!

Anansi: Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.

Teri: I live in Montreal where I work in accounting, but spend a significant amount of time writing, thinking about writing, or reading. And as someone who came of age in an era of personal documentation (through zines, personal websites, etc.), I’m continually compelled to document what I come across.

Anansi: You used to make zines, a creative and intimate process for the designer. Do you have any thoughts about ebooks, and the experience of reading off an impartial (for lack of a better word) surface?

Teri: I haven’t given ebooks enough of a chance to fairly assess their merits, but I’m also not ready or interested in learning more about them. I have a backlog of books on my bookshelves at home; I have books to borrow and trade with friends; I have independent bookstores that need my support (R.I.P. Pages in Toronto); and, I have access to a fantastic public library — Why do I need ebooks? Like many hardcore readers, I love the physical act of pulling a book off the shelf or creasing the spines on my metro rides to work. And I appreciate a good-looking book. There is something so thrilling about effective design (the cover illustration, the paper texture, the choice of font). I’m not ready to give this up or exchange it for another experience. Maybe eventually I’ll stop feeling so stubborn, but not right now.

Anansi: Do you have any favourite Anansi authors or books?

Teri: The Newfoundlanders — Michael Winter (especially This All Happened) and Lisa Moore. I’ve learned so much reading Lisa Moore’s short stories, particularly the ones in Degrees of Nakedness, which still astound me.

Anansi: Where can we find you on the Interwebs?

Teri: I have a series of erratically updated blogs collected at I’d also like to point you in the direction of Tightrope Books, who just published She’s Shameless: Women Write about Growing Up, Rocking Out and Fighting Back, and Invisible Publishing, who published the anthology The Art of Trespassing. I have essays included in each. But you’ll have to them in regular book form — they’re not available as ebooks!

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