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reading summit

(From the TD National Reading Summit website)

Becoming a reader is at the very heart of responsible citizenship

The TD National Reading Summit will engage participants in crafting a blueprint for a reading Canada. Over two days, delegates will hear from an impressive line-up of speakers from across the country and around the world. Ana Maria Machado (Brazil), Ingrid Bon (Netherlands), Elisa Bonilla (Mexico), Richard C. Anderson (USA), Cory Doctorow (UK/Canada), Tom King (Canada), Charles Pascal (Canada), and others will explore what it means to be a reader in a democratic society and share their research and experience in developing reading promotion programs. Conference sessions will inspire delegates to collaborate and lay the groundwork for new provincial and federal programs that will ultimately foster a reading culture in Canada.

Why now?

Reading is under pressure from a range of sources: screen-based learning materials in classrooms and screen-oriented entertainments in homes are reducing the access that children have to print materials. The reduction of book budgets for school and public libraries that many provinces experienced in the 1990s has made it harder for libraries to engage students and adults in developing reading habits and skills. Yet, at the same time, more research is available than ever before to confirm the importance of reading in academic success, enhanced quality of life, stable economies, and strong communities.

Becoming a reader is at the very heart of responsible citizenship, but we often lose sight of what reading — as an intellectual activity — contributes to our sense of self, our cultural awareness, our capacity for self-expression and, ultimately, our notions of engaged citizenship and the collective good. Reading, after all, is about so much more than a technical act that allows us to communicate, consume media and perform the activities of daily life. To be literate is necessary, but it is not enough.

Who should attend?

  • Public officials
  • Writers
  • Educators
  • Librarians
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Publishers
  • Business leaders
  • Youth

Our very own Patsy Aldana, Publisher of Groundwood Books, is the co-chair of the TD National Reading Summit Steering Committee. She will be speaking on Fri. Nov. 13, at 10 am, as part of the “Civil Society and Reading: A Roundtable Discussion” event.

Register now to attend the Reading Summit in Toronto or find out how you can get involved in this important cause.

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