Staff Picks for the Holidays: The Truth About Stories

The Truth About Stories, the 2003 Massey Lectures by Thomas King

Recommended by Sharon Bailey, Anansi and Groundwood Production Director.

“I’m rereading The Truth About Stories, one of my favourite Massey Lectures. Thomas King is, as ever, deft with a tale — in this case, many tales — but he delivers contextual gut punches just when you’ve been lulled into vulnerability. ‘There is a story I know . . .'”

Winner of the 2004 Trillium Book Award

Trillium Jury Citations:
“Adapting traditional story-telling techniques to contemporary culture, this series of lectures is profound, funny and subversive. Thomas King has created a group of essays that examine the complex and diverse nature of Native peoples and their relationship to North American society. The Truth About Stories is playful, philosophical and deeply political.”

Perfect for:

  • Parents
  • Academics
  • Readers
  • CBC listeners
  • Political junkies

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