Staff Picks for the Holidays: Christmas Days

Christmas Days, written by Derek McCormack and illustrated by Seth

Recommended by Laura Repas, Anansi Publicity Director

“My pick is Christmas Days because it packs so very much into a small, sweet/tart package. It’s got 24 chapters, so it can be read like an advent calendar, one chapter a day until Christmas Eve. And it’s packed full of strange and interesting facts about the stuff of Christmas — stockings, Santa Claus parades, Christmas crackers – and while it explores the history of these traditions, it reveals a great deal about the history of Canada. It’s the perfect read for those who are sort of “meh” about Christmas but still go along for the ride, in that it points out how weird most of this stuff really is. Derek combines thorough research with dark humour, Seth’s illustrations are charming and funny, and yet there is something kind of dark about the whole endeavor. It’s unlike any other book I know, and I always enjoy the time I spend with it.”

Great for:

  • Friends
  • Christmas lovers and haters alike
  • History buffs
  • Moms and dads
  • Trivia fans

Derek will be hosting an evening of Christmas fun on Monday December 14, at 7 pm, at Type Books (883 Queen St. West, Toronto). Don’t miss your chance to get into the Christmas spirit with Derek’s collection of vintage photographs and Christmas memorabilia, and enjoy some delicious eggnog and gingerbread. Ho-ho-hope to see you all there! (RSVP on Facebook.)

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