WIN tickets to the advance screening of This Movie Is Broken in Vancouver!

Okay, kids — it’s time! To enter to win one of 10 double passes to see an advance screening of This Movie Is Broken in VANCOUVER, BC, on June 24, 2010, leave a comment telling us why YOU can’t wait to see this brand-new feature film!

You have from now until tomorrow (June 18th) at 9 a.m., so don’t delay!

(Canadian residents only, please.)

Check out more details about the contest and the film in our previous blog post.

7 thoughts on “WIN tickets to the advance screening of This Movie Is Broken in Vancouver!

  1. 1) BSS + Vancouver + Movie = awesome.
    2) I liked them before I even saw their faces (gas masks)
    3) Want to answer this question: How did they come to (unknowingly) represent all that is Canadian indie?

    (Plus it’s my very-best friend’s birthday on the 25th – extra awesome!)

  2. I was just watching the trailer for this movie last night! I love it when music is fused with a movie plot in a big way- going to the movies and going to concerts are two of my favourite things to do, so when music is heavily featured in film, I’m always a big fan. It looks part documentary/part fictional love story- very cool that they used actual footage from the Broken Social Scene concert in ’09.

    And isn’t that the kid from the cellphone commercials? I’d like to see what kind of big-screen acting chops he’s got!

  3. When You Forgot it in People dropped in 2002 it resonated with a musical, imaginative honestly that few musical acts in Canada have ever been able to produce.

    It was rough around the edges in all the right ways. The songwriting was tight, the band sometimes teetered on the edge of abandon and the melodies were simple and catchy.

    But there was a kinetic energy to it.

    I’d love to see this movie to see how the musical vision is transferred from the disc to the book to the big screen.

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