Impromptu ANNABEL book club aboard the Clipper Adventurer

Our intrepid author Kathleen Winter set out on an Arctic journey on the Clipper Adventurer, armed with a box of copies of Annabel and a concertina in a beer cooler. When the ship unexpectedly ended up grounded on a rock while en route from Port Epworth to Kugluktuk, NU, the Annabel book club began!

The grounded Clipper Adventurer passengers read Annabel:

Anansi books to the rescue!

Join in the fun:

>> Suggest Annabel to your book club as next month’s pick

>> Check out Kathleen Winter’s book club questions for Annabel on KIRBC

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>> Sign up for our book club e-newsletter, The Art of Book Club Maintenance

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What’s the strangest place your book club has ever held a meeting? We’d love to hear your responses in the comments section, or @ reply us on Twitter!


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