Author picks for the holidays: Alison Pick recommends PAST IMPERFECT

The book:

Past Imperfect, by Suzanne Buffam
ISBN: 978-0-887-847-264 * $16.95

The recommender:

Alison Pick, author of Far to Go

Alison says:

The reconciling of opposites is one of Buffam’s many strengths, and is present in abundance in her first collection, Past Imperfect. The seen and the unseen, the emotive and the conceptual: Buffam places black and white next to each other, stands back and lets them shine. These poems negotiate contrast in content as well as in form by marrying the formal, cerebral aesthetic currently so fashionable with the feeling central to lyric in Canada in the past thirty years. We get a poetry that is beautifully measured, and rife with rhyme so skillful as to render itself invisible. We also get the big gasp.

ALISON PICK was the 2002 Bronwen Wallace Award winner for most promising unpublished writer under thirty-five in Canada. She has published two volumes of poetry and one previous novel, The Sweet Edge, which appeared to rave reviews and was a Globe and Mail Top 100 Book. After living for a number of years in St. John’s, Newfoundland, she now lives in Toronto, Ontario. Follow her on Twitter @alisonpick.



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