Author picks for the holidays: Richard Rudnicki recommends FOUR PICTURES BY EMILY CARR

The book:

Four Pictures By Emily Carr, by Nicolas Debon
ISBN: 978-0-88899-814-9 * $7.95

The recommender:

Richard Rudnicki, illustrator of Viola Desmond Won’t Be Budged

Richard says:

I have a book in my library written and illustrated by Nicolas Debon and published by Groundwood Books called Four Pictures by Emily Carr. It’s done in Manga, or graphic novel style, and is an uncomplicated little thing. I love that it’s about an artist who today is relatively well known and appreciated, but — like most Canadian artists — was largely unknown and unappreciated while alive and working. She struggled hard to keep painting and it is only by virtue of her creative spirit, vision, and drive that she was able to paint at all. The output of Emily Carr’s life as an artist is now a powerful part of our Canadian culture and heritage. If not for her individualism, dedication, and talent, then Canada — and the world — would be a much poorer place. Four Pictures by Emily Carr will make an excellent and inspiring gift for artists of all ages.

Viola DesmondRICHARD RUDNICKI is an artist who is known for his paintings of Nova Scotia in addition to being an award-winning illustrator of children’s books. He also teaches figure drawing and portraiture and frequently gives school workshops. Richard lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



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