Author picks for the holidays: Mariko Tamaki recommends THE MIDDLE STORIES

The book:

The Middle Stories, by Sheila Heti
ISBN: 978-0-88784-677-9 * $14.95

The recommender:

Mariko Tamaki, author of Skim

Mariko says:

My holiday recommend is The Middle Stories, by author Sheila Heti, also the brain behind How Should a Person Be? (which I just bought). The Middle Stories is yet another reason to be a bit jealous of a mind like Heti’s, from which pours all manner of wonderful articulate strangeness. People are always describing Heti and her work as a mix; I (personally) I think of her as part Wes Anderson, part Aesop, and a little Timothy Findley. This book is for any fan of magical realism and short short fiction (each story is about a two pages long). Buy it for the impossible-to-buy-for reader, but make sure they don’t already have a copy first.

MARIKO TAMAKI is a Toronto-based writer and performer — “a talented writer getting better and better,” says NOW Magazine. She is the author of Cover Me, True Lies: A Book of Bad Advice, Fake ID, and Emiko Superstar, illustrated by indie comics legend Steve Rolston. Follow Mariko on Twitter @marikotamaki.



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