Vote for your favourite cover of WINTER

Which of the five covers for Winter, Adam Gopnik’s 2011 CBC Massey Lectures book, is your favourite?

Click on each cover image below for a larger version:

9 thoughts on “Vote for your favourite cover of WINTER

  1. Icicle is the only one I would consider because there is a strangeness to the image. The others do not have this strangeness. They are too expected, in my opinion.

  2. I voted for what has been termed “Icicle”, but when I look at this image I see a drop of water becoming a frozen drop. In many parts of Canada winter is imminent even when we are rejoicing in summer. We know the cold will return with certainty.

  3. The Wintry Village reminds me of the paintings of Maude Lewis, who lived in the same little community of Marshalltown, Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada, as I did. Maude was very much handicapped with gnarled hands and a hunch back, but she painted such common scenes every day of her adult life. Her paintings sold for $10-15 dollars each, and now that she is deceased, she is known word wide, and her paintings are worth considerably more . Maude lived in a tiny house about 10 x 12 with her husband Everett Lewis. Everett took up painting after Maude’s death and was successful with a similar primitive style. Everett was murdered by a young man who thought Everett was rich.

  4. Thanks for all your comments and votes, everyone! The favourite around the office seems to be the iceberg, so it’s really interesting to see Wintry Village taking the lead in the poll and a variety of favourites in the comments. Keep those votes coming!

  5. Ice skates apply to both urban and rural life in Canada, are evocative for any age, reflect a broad range of culture interests from hockey to dancing. Their symbolism is both blade-sharp and ambiguous.

  6. I like the speed of the ice skates & the implied sharpness of the blades, but without having read the book it’s hard to pick. Disappointing to see the village winning as I find it & the xmas one too specific & literal, a bit boring, wouldn’t make me pick it up in a bookstore. The icicle looks more like teardrops & iceberg too familiar.

  7. The only one that is universally “Winter” for Canada in the icicle. Icebergs aren’t winter images – they show up in the summer. Not everyone does Christmas. The wintry village looks like Vermont – certainly not Newfoundland or Saskatchewan – and the ice skates are too “niche”. So there. Icicles it is.

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