What’s causing all that weird weather?

Something weird is goWeird Weathering on with the weather. From the Guardian: “Arctic ice at almost its lowest extent ever recorded in midwinter, disastrous droughts and searing heat in Africa and Latin America . . . Thousands of people in Austria, France and Germany were on Thursday still digging themselves out of some of the heaviest snowfalls seen in 30–50 years.”


Home base for Anansi and Groundwood is Toronto, Ontario, where we’ve also been experiencing an unseasonably warm winter. We’re usually trapped in icy weather and digging ourselves out of snow banks at this time of year, but today’s a beautiful sunny day with a high of 6 degrees Celsius. What’s going on?

To answer our questions about climate change, we reach for one of our favourite backlist titles: Weird Weather: Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Climate Change But Probably Should Find Out by Kate Evans. This comic book-style science book delivers all the answers we’re looking for in a fun and engaging format. Recommended for ages 12 and up.


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